About Us

Healthbay (ISO certified) is a Delhi based company that began its journey in the year 2017.Since its inception Healthbay has taken huge strides in the the sphere of healthcare and naturopathy mainly attributed to the result oriented composition of our products.
The company began its journey under the able leadership and guidance of Sri Mahesh Chawla who holds a specialization in pharmacy and has more than 35 years of experience in ayurveda and yunani medicine.
Buoyed by his expertise we as a Healthbay team commit to stand-out in terms of quality of our ingredients and their correct ratio for optimal results.
Each of our product composition is such that it is bound to benefit the taker without any undue side effects(unless otherwise stated).


Our aim is to deliver high quality products at affordable prices to serve individuals at different levels of society and bridge the gap created by some big conglomerates.


We believe that good health is must for a multifaceted growth of an individual and for the community as a whole. In present times where stress,anxiety levels are relatively high,overall well-being becomes all the more important for a person to cope with it. “We believe that the adoption of naturopathy and holistic care is the way forward to model a strong foundation of our society. We look forward to spread the awareness about prioritization of health among all age groups for a healthier and better tomorrow.