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​Healthbay (By Bayberry Naturals) wheat grass powder is a chemical free, premium quality supplement.


Healthbay’s Panch Tulsi drops is prepared from 5 species of Tulsi. It enhances immunity and provides anti-oxidant, antiseptic and anti-biotic effects. Pollution, fast food and adulteration leads to various diseases and regular intake of Healthbay’s Panch Tulsi drops protects from several diseases


IB-500 is a powerful herbal multi functional activator for men,women and children above 10 yrs of age.It is specially designed for you in an easily consumable form with ingredients such as Amla,Giloy,Neem,Papaya,Asgand,Tulsi,Moringa and Wheat Grass.These herbs are well known to support the immune function and helps to create a protection shield that keeps the body safe.It helps to protect from seasonal diseases.It also helps you fight TIREDNESS,WEAKNESS & INDIGESTION. Papaya and Moringa help to support good metabolism which is the base of good health.