Piles Care Capsules 100% Herbal (30 Caps.)


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Healthbay’s Piles care formula is 100% natural. It contains NO harsh synthetics. It is an ayurvedic solution to the ailment of piles and fissures. It is helpful in chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, fissures in ano, bleeding and non bleeding piles, fistula, internal and external piles, painful defecation, rectal inflammation etc. It’s salutary ingredients are Kutki, Neem, Harad, Chitrak, Nagkesar, Rasaunt, Daruhaldi etc. It is a cost effective and quality product.

  • It reduces the swelling.
  • It lowers the pain.
  • It stops the bleeding and itching.
  • It helps in smooth evacuation of stool.
  • Suggested Use: For quick relief- 2 capsules twice a day (Age-15 yrs or above)


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